Goals of Software Testing

What are the objectives of Software Testing?

Software Testing is a vital part of the process that software should go through before launch. If you do not test, you code will be left with bugs and errors. Software testing is also important because it can see if the software is working the way it should be according to all the requirements. It is important to test because you need to figure out whether or not the software is safe to be used in production.

Software Testing can be done in two ways. Positive testing and Negative testing.

Positive testing is when you test software using a variety of testing data, which includes the data at the boundaries to see if the software fails. When you do this kind of testing you are checking to see if the software behaves normally, if the results you get are correct, and if the software functions correctly.

Negative Testing is used to test of abnormal operations. This kind of testing is done with illegal or abnormal test values. The goal of this is to make things go wrong and see if the software performs the way it is supposed to. You are checking to see if the software crashes, if it does what it is supposed to do, or if it fails to do what it is supposed to do.  This kind of testing can be used to find errors before a user does.

Both of these types of software testing should be used prior to a launch of software. This will ensure that your software is mostly bug free and that it works the way the customer intended it to.

Objectives of Software Testing:



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